1, Dalmo Stress on the importance of R&D, from general series Y and YKK high-voltage to YZR hoist and crane motor, all newly lunched series motors was a result of  persist effort, showing the designing ability improved and the technical force growing rapidly.  

2, The company management and control consist of production, design&technical department, marketing and sales service control, etc, all under the leadership of the general manager, this composes a efficient organization who can cooperate closely in the principle of concentrative, concretive and organized  function, aimed at effective management.  

 3, Dalmo pay high attention to the improvement of the environment during construction of the new working site, total 1.2 million Yuan was invested to the building of factory garden and lawn. 

 4, A periodic training is available for every employee accompanied with analysis of controlling evidence for upgrade the skills and workmanship as well as the management and control, in the meantime, the company also sent it’s senior management people to ABB Shanghai and Huali Motor to learn the experience which is useful for the long development strategy.


5, Large VPI vacuum impregnation equipment