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YVP series frequency conversion and speed regulating three phase asynchronous motor


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YVP series frequency conversion and speed regulating three phase asynchronous motor


This series of frequency conversion motor is specially designed and manufactured to match the variable frequency speed regulation. Comply with GB755 national standards and related technical standards. The motor adopts F class insulation or H level, and the protection level of the case is IP44 or IP54. The cooling way is totally enclosed self fan cooling (IC411) and totally enclosed single axial fan cooling (IC416). The rated voltage of the YVP series motor is 380V, the frequency is 5-200Hz, and the voltage and frequency of the fixed point can be determined according to the request of the user. The center height is 100 and below "Y" connection, and more than 112 of the center is "delta" connection.

This series motor adopts the most advanced electromagnetic calculation method, considering the characteristics of SPWM technology and the current control vector control inverter, motor with high starting torque, low starting without additional equipment, small starting current, low frequency torque characteristics without crawling advantages of constant torque speed range is wide. Adopting the most advanced winding distribution, effectively restraining the influence of the high-frequency harmonics of the variable frequency power supply, ensuring the motor has the advantages of low noise, small vibration, high efficiency, strong overload capacity and obvious energy saving effect.

The use of high quality bearings and advanced machining technology and high precision rotor balance process to ensure that the motor operates reliably at high speed. The forced ventilation by a single axial fan ensures the reliability of long-term constant torque operation when the motor is low speed. The degree of standardization is high, the power level and the installation dimension are the same as those of the Y series motors. The outer dimension is the same as the Y series motors, and the rest is the same as the series motors. It can also install photoelectric encoder, tachometer generator and other speed measuring devices and eddy current brake, electromagnetic brake and other braking devices according to user requirements, so as to adapt to different occasions.


Center high: H80-450

Power: 0.55900KW

Voltage: 220V/380V/400V/415V/440V/460V/660V or special voltage.

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Protection level: IP410, IP411, IP55, IP56, IP66

Insulation grade: grade F or H

Installation forms: B3, B5, B35, V1, V18 and so on.

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