• Name: D1C series electric motor
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  • Time: 2014-08-14
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        D1C series high performance electric motor is manufactured with new up-to-date designing skill prevailing in the world based on the existing designing concept. Only high quality polyester covered copper winding wire is used in conjunction with inorganic temperature resistant polyester varnish. Protection degree IP55~IP66, frame H80~H400, voltage 380V,frequency 50HZ. D1C series motor has the features such as low cost, high efficient, low noise, reliable performance and easy maintenance, DALMO motors are designed and manufactured to meet the most arduous service conditions, such as mining, petrochemical, marine or tropical environments.

lD1C motors cast iron stator frames, endshield and terminal boxes.

lIP55 as a minimum-higher ratings are available on request. Care must be taken when mounting motors in a non standard mounting position to maintain the IP rating of the motor.

lCooling to ICO141 up to 355 frames.

lAll motors are available in B3(IM1001), B3/5 (IM2001), and V1 (IM3011) configuration. All standard motors up to 280 frame can be mounted in any direction, i.e. B5 (IM3001).

lStandard motors are rated for continuous duty at full nameplate rating - S1.

lStandard voltages are 415v 50Hz, 400v 50hz, and 380v 50hz, 380v 60hz and 460v 60hz.

lVoltage tolerance is +/-10%. Voltages beyond these limits will cause a high winding temperature rise.

lMotors up to and including 2.2kW are star connected, and cannot be started with a Star/Delta starter. Motors 3kW and above are delta connected with 6 terminals for a Star/Delta starting.

lThese motors are designed for operation in high ambient temperatures of 40 C. or more. The standard data relates to ambient up to 40C. and altitudes below 1000 meters.

lStandard motors have Class F (1000C) insulation, with a Class B (80C) temperature rise. Motors with a Class H (125C) insulation are available on request. Only high quality polyester covered copper winding wise is used in conjunction with inorganic high temperature polyester varnish.

lStator and rotor laminations are produced from low loss, double insulated, silicon electrical steel.

lAll motors are designed for high efficiency and low temperature rise giving a long economical service life.

lIn general D1C motors have high starting torques and low starting currents because the rotors have a double cage design with is pressure die cast in high purity Aluminum.

lThese motors have very low vibration levels due to high precision balancing of the rotors and fans. Most motors have vibration levels of less than 1 mm/sec.

lHigh quality vacuum degassed SKF or NSK bearings are used on motors. In general the bearings have C3 clearances and are preloaded with a wave washer on the drive end which increases bearing life and reduces bearing noise. The non drive end bearing is located to prevent shaft "float". Motors up to 132 frame have "ZZ" sealed for life bearing, while motors from 160 frame and above have open bearing with "flush through" greasing facilities. In line with current practice, motors up to 280 frames have deep groove ball bearing at both ends, while the 315 and 355 frame motors have a roller bearing on the drive end. Roller bearings can be fitted on the drive end of any motor on request.





                                               D1C motor overall and dimensions (Cast iron frame)