• Name: YKK high voltage motor
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  • Time: 2014-08-14
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    Y, YKS, YKK series high-voltage, 3-phase asynchronous motor(3kV~10kV) 

Y, YKS, YKK series of high-voltage, 3-phase asynchronous motors are the optimum companion products containing the advanced technique both at home and abroad with the practical experience on producing high-voltage motors. They are the updated products, which are more compact in structurelightefficientsafety and reliabilitylong service life and easy in installation and maintenance.

This companion motors are suitable for driving various ventilatorscompressorswater pumpcrushersstock-removingconvey machine and other mechanic equipment, and also are used as prime motor in machinerypetroleumchemicalspower station and other industrial and mining enterprises.

 In case this series of high voltage motors are used for driving blowerscoal millsrolling machineswinding engines and belt machines, it’s necessary to offer the relevant technical request when ordering, and sign a technical agreement as the basis of special design for motors so as to ensure their reliable running.

For the motors adopt insulation class F, check the temperature rise as the standard of grade B. Rated frequency 50Hz, voltages available: 3kV, 6kV and 10kV. 60 Hz and other voltage are also available.

The basic installation type is a horizontal style structure with feet (IMB3).

Y, YKS, YKK series high-voltage motor adopts box structure and the base is welded into a box shape, therefore it’s light in weight and strong in rigidity. There are two right windows and one top window on the motor which is easy for maintenance and installation, the top window is specially designed for installation of different or derivative cooling device according different cooling method and protection degree.

The motor stator is pressed into the frame from outboard, the winding is formed and varnished in class F. Motor with voltage 10kV takes the treatment of anticorona .Coil ends are firmly tiedfixed and wounded, in conjunction with inorganic high temperature vacuum varnish .The motor posses the character such as strength mechanic force, strong moisture-proof ability and long service life.

The cage rotor adopts two structure: cast aluminum and cooper strips which are produced from cast-aluminum and weld copper strips with advanced workmanship. Every rotor is balanced, and must pass the dynamic balancing test to ensure smooth and reliable running.

Rolling and sliding bearings are adopted based on the outputrotational speed of the motor, motor of IP44 or IP54 adopts rolling bearing. Operational oil-drilling device is also available.

Main terminal box is locates on right side of the motor (looking from the driving end), but can also be installed on the left side according to the customers’ demand. Earth terminals are arranged both inside and outside the terminal box.

Thermo tester can be affixed to the stator coilsbearings and other important parts according customers demand, this makes convenient for observing motor’s working condition or remote control for a safety and reliable operation.