• Name: D1CS series high temperature resistant electric motor, 250℃ 2 Hours
  • Number: d1cs003
  • Time: 2015-04-07
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D1CS series high temperature flammable-proof 3-phase asynchronous electric motor (H80-450)

In normal conditions this series motor can works with general performance continuously with a low temperature rise, such as driving a blower.

In subnormal conditions such as working under environment with temperature above 250, the motor can still works for more than one hour. Fitted with blowers, the motor can be widely used for ventilation in tunnel projecthotel and other constructions where ventilation is needed.

It can be widely used on oven equipment. There is out greasing system and the motor can run with single speed, double speed and three speeds.

There is a greasing (drilling) device in the driving end of the motor for the easy maintenance and long service life, special high-temperature lubricant oil is used.

D1CDS series motor is a derivative series of D1CS high temperature motor with single or two windings which can provide twothree or four working speeds, thus this series of multi-speeds high temperature motor can not only output nearly in the same range as general, but also can output in different range as special multi-speeds motor, this makes the output well fit the load condition, and can simplify the speeds system and comparatively save the energy and cost.



D1CS motors constructional mounting arrangements for series:


Structure of D1CS high temperature motor adopts IMBB3IMB5IMB35 B14 or pad mounting mode.

IMB3Frame with feet, end bracket without flange.                             

IMB5Frame without feet, end bracket with flange whose diameter is greater than that of the frame.

IMB35Frame with feet, end bracket with flange whose diameter is greater than of the frame.


D1CS series high temperature electric motor adopts protection IP55 or even higher, insulation class H, cooling method IC410 totally enclosed self fan-cooled (TEFC) or IC411 totally enclosed fan cooled, structure adopt IMB3(horizontal frame with feet)IMB5(vertical frame with flange)IMV1(vertical frame with flange downward), and other arrangement like IMB35IMV3,etc.




Special driving shaft can be arranged according the user's requirement.

Voltage: 380V/400V/415V or special voltage

Frequency: 50Hz/60HZ

Protection Deg.: IP55 or IP56