• Name: YE3 series ultra efficiency electric motor (IE3)
  • Number: YX3002
  • Time: 2015-04-09
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    Series YE3 ultra high efficiency 3-phase electric motor is a new generation products fully designed by our corporation according the national standard GB18613-2012Limited efficiency value for small and medium output motorand other applied stipulations and standard. The efficiency quota is equivalent to Eff. Grade 3 stipulated in this efficiency standard, it’s also equivalent to IE3 of standard IEC60034-30, thus it can satisfy the national appraisal value for low power consumption by the motor.                                                                    

      Series YE3 ultra high efficiency 3-phase electric motor is the new updating products to take the place of the old series Y, Y2 and Y3 motor. It owns the features such as high efficiency, low noise, dynamic torque, easy start, compact form and structure, easy maintenance, etc. The Eff. Degree and dimensions conforms to GB/T4772.1/IEC60072-1 and GB/T4772.2/ IEC 60072-2. YE3 series motor adopts insulation class F, temperature rise B, protection degree IP55, cooling method IC411, working conditions S1 (Continuous Working Duty).  The rated voltage 380V, and rated frequency 50HZ,  Y (star) connection method for motors 3.0kW and upward, “△”(Delt) connection for motors 4.0KW and downward. The terminal box locates on top of the frame for the customers' easy installation, and it also can locate on both sides of the motor frame.                                                                         

     Series YE3 electric motor are manufactured for the general purpose, it can drive equipment and machinery tools without special requirement, such like blowers, pumps and tools, etc.                                                                       

     Efficiency of YE3 electric motor is around 5% higher than the general purpose series motor, for a YE3 motor annual working 8000 hours, loading rate over 60%, if it’s cost is calculated as 0.5 CNY/kW, comparing with the cost of general motor, the increased cost on this YE3 motor can be compensated from power cost saved by this motor within only 1.5 year, and thus can reach the goal of substantially rise the customers economy income.