• Name: D1A series electric motor
  • Number: d1a0012
  • Time: 2015-05-14
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l  D1A motors have aluminum stator frames, terminal boxes and cast iron endshields.

l  D1A motors have bolt on feet which can be located so that the terminal box can be on top or on either side.

l  IP55 as a minimum-higher ratings are available on request. Care must be taken when mounting motors in a non standard mounting position to maintain the IP rating of the motor.

l  All motors are available in B3(IM1001), B3/5 (IM2001), and V1 (IM3011) configuration.

l  B14A and B14B flanges are available up to 160 frame size.

l  Standard motors are rated for continuous duty at full nameplate rating - S1.

l  Standard voltages are 415v 50Hz, 400v 50hz, and 380v 50hz, 380v 60hz and 460v 60hz.

l  Voltage tolerance is +/-10%. Voltages beyond these limits will cause a high winding temperature rise.

l  Motors up to and including 2.2kW are star connected, and cannot be started with a Star/Delta starter. Motors 3kW and above are delta connected with 6 terminals for a Star/Delta starting.

l  These motors are designed for operation in high ambient temperatures of 40 C. or more. The standard data relates to ambient up to 40C. and altitudes below 1000 meters.

l  Standard motors have Class F (1000C) insulation, with a Class B (80C) temperature rise. Motors with a Class H (125C) insulation are available on request. Only high quality polyester covered copper winding wise is used in conjunction with inorganic high temperature polyester varnish.

l  Stator and rotor laminations are produced from low loss, double insulated, silicon electrical steel.

l  All motors are designed for high efficiency and low temperature rise giving a long economical service life.



1, Frame size: D1A63~180

2, Bolted frame are available

3, Pad mounting are also available