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D1ZP series metallurgy and reused three phase asynchronous motor with variable frequency speed regulation



D1ZP series metallurgy and reused three phase asynchronous motor with variable frequency speed regulation

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D1ZP series metallurgy and start up and reuse frequency conversion speed three phase asynchronous motor is a three phase induction motor with frequency conversion speed regulating device as the power supply, and the system composed of frequency conversion device can achieve stepless speed change, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and control automation. Because it has the characteristics of high efficiency, wide speed range, good accuracy, stable starting and braking, and high overload capacity, it is especially suitable for occasions requiring variable frequency speed regulation, short or intermittent operation and frequent braking. The basic technical requirements of the motor are in conformity with the requirements of IEC34-1 and GB755 standards, and the installation dimensions conform to the IEC71 international standard.

The motor can be attached with additional devices such as thermal protector, heater, encoder, electromagnetic brake, overspeed switch and tachometer generator, so as to meet the needs of users.

The high carrier frequency voltage that is adapted to the output of the frequency converter.

The rated voltage is 380V, and the rated frequency is 50Hz.

Insulation grade F level, protection grade IP54, IP55.

The speed range of 3Hz-100Hz; 3-50Hz for constant torque operation and 50-100Hz for constant power operation.

The altitude is not more than 1000m, and the relative humidity is not more than 90%.

The cooling method: the 112-160M1 seat number is self fan cold (IC411), and the 160M2-355 seat number is his fan cold (IC416).

The H180 and the base number for the Y connection, H200 and above the base for delta connection method.

When the rated voltage and frequency are rated, it can withstand 2 times overloading of the rated torque for 1min.


The motor is suitable for intermittent periodic working system. According to the different properties of the load, the working system of the motor is divided into:

1., short time working system (S2): when running at a constant load at a given time and without thermal stability, it will stop and break for a period of time, so that the difference between motor cooling and cooling medium temperature is less than 2K.

2. periodic intermittent working system (S3): according to a series of work in the same period, wherein each cycle consists of a constant load running time and a down and break time, but the time is short, not enough to make the motor to achieve thermal stability, and starting current of each period no obvious influence on the temperature rise.


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