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D1CS series fire resistant oil smoke and high temperature three phase asynchronous motor



D1CS series fire resistant oil smoke and high temperature three phase asynchronous motor

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In twentieth Century, Chinese infrastructure and rapid development of real estate industry, construction by leaps and bounds, transportation facilities, city construction, rural reconstruction, real estate construction is the only way which must be passed Chinese economic development, how to make their products to better meet market demand, and have their own technology and production advantages, this is more Dalmat consider the problem. Through years of market research, dalmo companies realize: a blank, high temperature driven industry is still power machinery industry so the company developed a series of D1CS products to meet the special application field of high temperature and air conditioning industry.

The D1CS exhaust motor is specially designed according to the engineering requirements. The series motor has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, low noise, small vibration, low temperature rise, excellent performance and simple control system. Under normal circumstances, it can be used as a general purpose motor driven fan and run continuously for a long time. In a very rare case, when ambient temperature reaches 280 degrees, it can still run reliably for more than 1 hours. D1CS motor and fan, can be widely used in tunnels, hotels, high-rise apartments and other places as ventilation and smoke equipment.

Shell protection grade of D1CS motor is IP55 or more, the insulation class is H, cooling method for IC410 (full closed type) or IC411 (totally enclosed fan cooled), types of construction and mounting type IMB3 (usually with horizontal foot mounting, IMB5), type (with flange mounted type) IMV1, (the vertical shaft extending downwards, with mounting flange). Of course, other installation forms can also be produced.

D1CDS is a three-phase asynchronous motor with variable speed fire ventilation, divided into single winding double speed and double winding double speed and double winding three or four speed, which not only has the characteristics of multi speed motor close to the power of the common and special power multi speed motor has the advantages of great difference, which can achieve a reasonable match with the load, save it the cost is of great significance to simplify the transmission system, saving energy and.

The D1CS motor is able to operate reliably for a long time in the following conditions:

A) no more than 1000 meters above sea level;

B) ambient air temperature: 15 ~ 40 c;

C) the maximum relative humidity of the wet month is 90%, and the average minimum temperature of the month is not higher than 25.

D) there is a general sand dust;

E) there is splash water (but the water does not contain acids, alkali and other corrosive substances).

F) the power supply voltage is within the range of 95% to 105% of the rated voltage.

G) the frequency of the power supply is within the range of 98% to 102% of the rated frequency.

D1CS series of high temperature three phase asynchronous motors have made great market returns in the domestic and international markets. At present, the series of products produced by our company are widely used in many fields of manufacturing, energy and construction in China. The company's products have been following the domestic construction, especially in the Shanghai subway, Chongqing high-speed, high-speed Yunnan tunnel and Badaling tunnel and other well-known projects designated as exclusive products, therefore, in the domestic motor temperature field, Dalian Dalmat motor is by far the most production of high temperature motor, the most widely involved in the field, the oldest the production enterprises, is the production of high temperature motor Chinese father.

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