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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

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1,    "Nine. Five "period, the company increased reform efforts, increase investment in fixed assets, to achieve a single species to multi species, multi series production scale across the market to diversify, based in the Northeast market, product sales nationwide, with an annual output of more than 40 kilowatts motor, the output value of over 56 million yuan, was named the" national machinery industry two companies "and" into the ranks of the 500 largest China electrical equipment manufacturing enterprises ".


2,  In late 90s, the national implementation of joint-stock reform of small and medium sized enterprises, in November 1996 third Dalian motor factory for the restructuring of private owned Dalian Jialong electric motor Co. Ltd., thereafter, company implements the optimization and reorganization of assets and resources, the establishment of Dalian Dalma Electric Co., Ltd., the implementation of "high efficiency, strict management" policy, in one fell swoop to reverse the loss of the situation. The joint-stock reform of enterprises is a successful example of Dalian's mechanical and electrical industry joint-stock system reform. Through restructuring, enterprises have thoroughly renewed their creativity and created conditions for further development of enterprises.


3, In a civilized and humane management, promote harmonious development, keep pace with the world, vigorously develop new products. From the common Y2 series to YE2, YE3 super high efficiency, YKK high pressure, D1XT servo permanent magnet series, all soaked the hard work and sweat of the designers and the staff. The company's R & D capability is increasing, and the team of designers is growing.


4,The management of the company to the general manager for the center, under the production, design, marketing, customer service and financial service and a total of nine departments, close coordination, and centralized, open and integrated management of the core departments, departments coordination and overcome the low efficiency of management and the confusion caused by the occlusion.


5,2003 Dalian city of Zhuanghe city planning, and on the part of enterprises to implement the demolition and renovation, Dalian Motor Co. plant by dalmo moved to the site of the original industrial park of Dalian Zhuanghe economic and Technological Development Zone No. 8 new factory, covering an area of 110 thousand square meters, construction area of 58 thousand square meters.


6,  In the overall planning of the new plant area, we pay full attention to the plant area greening and the improvement of the environment, and have invested 1 million 200 thousand yuan successively for lawn construction and greening. This is a corner of the green belt in the factory.


7,In the overall planning, the company endeavours to compress the land of the non production processing areas, make the industrial land more reasonable, and effectively meet the space needs of the production and processing.


8,In December 2006, at the annual meeting of the China Electrical and import and Export Chamber of electrical engineering, it was appraised as the executive committee member of the industry coordination committee by the electrician chamber of electrical and mechanical commerce chamber. It was responsible for and participated in the organization coordination and planning of the industry association, and improved the visibility of the company in the national Electromechanical industry.


9,By October 1995 the Northeast quality system audit center (NAC) of the ISO9002 quality system certification. The system has been running for 13 years, into the 2000 edition, has been through the Beijing Botian Asia certification center review.1998 Chinese products through the quality certification center (CQC), China national mandatory certification center (CCC) of the.2003 product audit through the EU CE certification, the same year by the Dalian Municipal Science and Technology Bureau identified as high-tech enterprises.


10, 20 years of glory. To commemorate the Dalian Motor Co. Ltd. 20th anniversary restructuring Dalmat (hereinafter referred to as "Changqing")。



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