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WZ series eddy current brake


The WZ series eddy current brake is driven by YZR metallurgy and reusable wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor. Motor and eddy current brake are mechanically superimposed. By controlling the line, the speed governing characteristic of crane is increased and the speed regulation range is expanded. Under any load condition, the crane can generate an adjustable braking torque on the motor shaft by adjusting the exciting current of the eddy current brake, so that the crane can move smoothly and accurately. Such as container cranes, metallurgy cranes, construction cranes, dock and pull and dial tables and other lifting appliances, eddy current brake can be used to improve their mechanical properties.

Structural features:

1, the use of B3 installation, simple and sturdy structure, easy to use and maintenance.

2, the steel frame and the cast iron end cover are used.

3, the protection grade of the shell is IP23, the junction box is located at the top of the frame, and the protection grade is IP44.

4, brake armature (rotor) with steel drums with fins welded on the rotating shaft.

5, cooling method of IC141, a fan is arranged in the end cover of the shaft, the cooling air from the shaft extension end into the rear cover, from the ventilation hole outflow.

6, the seat number (center height) matches the standard motor model.


Working system and technical parameters

1, the working system of the eddy current brake is S3, and the load duration is 15% (as in Figure 1).

2, the working environment of the brake does not exceed 1000 meters above sea level.

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