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D1TP series frequency conversion and speed regulating three phase asynchronous motor



D1TP series frequency conversion and speed regulating three phase asynchronous motor

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    The D1TP series variable frequency speed regulating three-phase asynchronous motor is a three phase induction motor with frequency conversion and speed regulation

based on the frequency conversion speed regulating device. The system composed of the frequency conversion device and the frequency conversion device can achieve

stepless speed regulation to achieve the purpose of energy saving and automatic control.


    D1TP series frequency conversion motor is an updated product designed on the basis of the original YSPA series frequency conversion motor. It has the characteristics

of high efficiency, wide range of speed regulation, good precision, stable operation, convenient operation and maintenance. It is suitable for driving all kinds of mechanical

devices, such as rolling, lifting, transportation, machine tools, printing and dyeing, paper making, chemical industry, textile, pharmacy and so on, which require continuous

speed regulation and frequent reverse rotation. It can be used with all kinds of frequency conversion devices at home and abroad.


D1TP improves the appearance design, improves the protection level and further reduces the noise on the basis of YTP. It is a high quality variable frequency speed regulating

motor, which is mainly used to replace the same type of imported motor or to export equipment.


The basic technical requirements of the motor are in conformity with the requirements of IEC34-1 and GB755 standards, and the installation dimensions conform to

the IEC72 international standard.


The motor can be attached to the heating protector, heating belt, encoder, electromagnetic brake, overspeed switch and tachometer generator and other additional

devices to meet the user's matching requirements.


The D1TP series inverter motor has the following three basic structure types:


B3: the structure of endshield without flange frame with foot.


B5: frame without foot, end structure cover with flange.


B35: frame with foot, end cover structure with flange.


The high carrier frequency voltage that is adapted to the output of the frequency converter.


The rated voltage is 380V, and the rated frequency is 50Hz.


Insulation grade F level, protection grade IP44, IP54, IP55.


A continuous quota based on a continuous working (S1) system.


Speed range 3Hz-100Hz; 3-50Hz for constant torque operation, 50-100Hz for constant power operation.

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