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D1 series three phase asynchronous motor


D1 series motor for our company has the independent intellectual property exclusive design of a new series of products. This series of products include:

D1C series motor: cast iron frame, end cover and junction box (seat number 71~400).

D1A series: aluminum base, junction box and cast iron cover (case No. 71~160), with D1A motor can be bolted on foot, can be located in the junction box on the top of the body or any side

The D1 series motors are aimed at the use of the most harsh conditions, such as mining, petrochemicals, offshore operations, or tropical environments. The motor is made of high material, and the process is exquisite. In the case of proper maintenance, the life of the motor can reach fifteen years or even longer, even under the worst conditions. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, stable and reliable operation and easy maintenance, and is well received by the customers at home and abroad.


The manufacture of the motor is in conformity with the following international standards, such as:

The International Electrotechnical Commission Standard IEC34 and IEC72

The Australian standard AS1359

The British standard BS5000 and BS4999

Meet the European "CE" signs and standards

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